Relationships Under Construction partners with teens to guide them in character development for strong and healthy futures with those around them.

"All of the issues are affecting our teens today. I think hearing about the issues and how local teens are abstaining really helps them realize that choosing the right path is a great option, Hearing personal stories make an impact."

- Female Student, Summit County


  • We believe in the integrity of youth and their ability to make healthy decisions when equipped with the right information.
  • We believe in laying the foundation for a future that can include a healthy marriage and strong family relationships.
  • We acknowledge behaviors have consequences, so we encourage healthy decisionmaking, individual responsibility and relationship education.
  • We believe in the joy of sexual intimacy. We treat sexual intimacy with respect, understanding that it is best enjoyed in its perfect time and place within marriage.
  • We believe in respect for self and others.
  • We value life and believe in the pursuit of truth.
  • We believe that the whole person is composed of moral, physical, emotional, intellectual, and social elements.